At Wave Basketball Club, we pride ourselves on providing a clear path for ballers to grow and develop their skills. What sets us apart is our pyramid approach and proven development process, designed to unlock the potential in every player. Our pyramid is structured with three tiers: Development, Club, and Advanced Teams. This tiered approach ensures a systematic and comprehensive journey for players, guiding them through stages of growth and enhancement in their basketball abilities.


Age groups:

Youth: 8U-11U

Middle School: 12U-14U (6-8th grade)

High School: 15U-17U (9-11th grade) unsigned seniors eligible to play in the spring.


  • Sharpen your skills in a supportive environment.

  • Compete in tournaments tailored to your team’s progression.

  • Ideal for intermediate players seeking balanced growth.


  • Elevate your game with high-intensity training in a competitive environment.
  • Strong tournament schedule designed to push your limits.
  • Perfect for committed players.


  • Embark on an intense journey towards college aspirations.

  • Advanced coaching and national-level tournaments.

  • Ideal for top athletes.

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