Want to play basketball? The Virginia Beach Field House has you covered! Youth Basketball provides structured play in both competitive and beginner formats in all age categories.

League structure is centered around games, allowing youth players to play without the commitment of practices.



Ages: 6 – 18

Registration Opens: June 2

Registration Closes: July 5

League Start Date: July 14, 2024

Season: 6 Week Season – 6 game season.  Week 7 – Playoff Week. The top four (4) teams will advance to play in a playoff bracket.

Game Days/Times: Sunday Morning (9am – 12pm)

Individual Fee: $90/Individual Player

*The Virginia Beach Field House does not issue cash refunds. We do not consider refunds unless the Virginia Beach Field House must cancel an event or program that is not rescheduled.

Please Note: Teams will not be placed on the schedule if the team has less than 5 registered players by the close of registration on January 5, 2024.

  • Practice time is NOT included in the player fee. Teams may rent court space for practices at an additional reduced fee. Please contact Brian Durbin, Director of Business Development, for more information.
  • Looking for a team? Free agents will either be placed on a team or create their own team if there are seven players registered in that age group. This is NOT a guaranteed placement.
  • 5-7 regular season games + single-elimination playoffs for all leagues. 
  • Must have at least 5 players paid in order to be added to the schedule.
  • The minimum roster is 7 players, with a maximum of 12 players.
  • Players are not allowed to play until payment is received and must provide a birth certificate or government-issued ID to verify their age.
  • The first tie-breaker will be head-to-head, then points against. followed by point differential.
  • Schedules will be posted online. Please do not print the schedule as it is subject to change.
  • Please Note: Coaches are required for all youth sports, including High School, to ensure player discipline & sportsmanship. These individuals do not need to make coaching decisions but must attend games. The VBFH does not assign coaches to teams.
  • REFUND POLICY: The Virginia Beach Field House does not issue cash refunds. We do not consider refunds unless the Virginia Beach Field House must cancel an event or program that is not rescheduled.

If Registering a New Team:

If your team is not set up, please select: “Register a Team” 

    • Enter your team name and set the registration code
    • Register yourself as Team Captain/Manager or Coach – by choosing the register button on the right of the league you registered your team for

If Joining a Team:

If you are a player registering for an existing team, please select: “Join a Team”

  • Please contact your coach, manager, or team captain to obtain the registration code

Registered Free Agents (individuals):

  • If you are registering as a free agent/individual – we will look to place the free agent on a house team or an established team; however, we cannot guarantee placement on a team.
  • Payment will not be taken until we are able to place the Free Agent on a team, as well as payment will be required at the time of registration. 
  • Any player placed on a team without the consent of the coach will be removed from the team. In all cases placement is contingent upon enough registrants and/or a volunteer coach is confirmed.
    • Please Note: Volunteer Adults are required to coach/manage all Virginia Beach Field House youth sports, including High School, to ensure player discipline, sportsmanship, and equitable playing time. No prior coaching experience is necessary.
NEW! AGE VERIFICATION! – All players that are playing in the Youth League Basketball must email us at leagues@beachfieldhouse.com a copy of their Birth Certificate before the start of the season. (We do not keep any copies – all will be deleted after verification) Any player that does not have their birth certificate on file by the start date of the season will not be allowed to play until we have received said documentation.
  • Competitive: This division is targeted at teams/players that have experience playing in competitive leagues and/or AAU tournaments. Please note, athletes cannot play in both Competitive and Recreation in the same age bracket.
      • Divisions:
        • 11U/12U Competitive
        • 13U/14U Competitive
        • HS (Grades 9-12) Competitive 

  • Recreational Division: This division is targeted at players/teams that typically play in recreational leagues. If your son/daughter plays in any AAU/Travel basketball they should be playing in our Competitive divisions. Players cannot play in both Recreation and Competitive divisions.   

      • Divisions:
        • 7U/8U 
        • 9U/10U Recreation
        • 11U/12U Recreation
    • All participants must pay their ADMINISTRATIVE FEES before they can play in any Virginia Beach Field House program.
    • Any inappropriate language, intimidation, or threatening behavior directed toward anyone in the facility is not tolerated and will result in a suspension from the facility.
    • No jewelry can be worn during league play. 
    • No clothing with pockets is permitted.
    • No food or drink (unless bottled/covered) is allowed on the court at any time.
    • Any ejection (albeit from a staff member or a referee) from the facility will result in a MINIMUM one (1) week suspension from the facility and an automatic one (1) game suspension. Multiple ejection consequences will be administered, as needed, by VBFH staff.
    • Involvement in a fight will result in a MINIMUM one (1) year suspension from ALL ESM facilities. Involvement in a second (2) fight will result in a lifetime ban from ESM facilities.
    • At no time shall a spectator cross the out of bounds line and enter the court while play is ongoing or speak with officials, coaches, or players. Any spectator that enters the court to confront an official or another player whether before, during or after the game, will result in a suspension from the facility.
    • VBFH staff will make all determinations on permissible footwear.
    • REFUND POLICY: The Virginia Beach Field House does not issue cash refunds. We do not consider refunds unless the Virginia Beach Field House must cancel an event or program that is not rescheduled.

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