It’s Spring Break! 

Drop your kiddos and let them enjoy this wonderful mini-vacay from school at the Virginia Beach Field House!

While you are at work, your children will get the chance to enjoy the perks of our sports facility including our basketball courts, soccer fields, Fun Zone, and more! They will safely engage in activities with fellow campers of their age group while always following appropriate CDC guidelines. They will experience a great time in a unique environment that gives them the release from the structure of school while keeping them engaged in a fun routine for their return to school. We’ll give them the freedom to engage in arts and crafts, STEM activities, sports, and to socialize with new friends and create lifelong memories. We are proudly opening back up the beloved Fun Zone (sanitized daily) and partnering with NERFS UP! Both will be included in the weekly price. 


Ages: 3-5, 6-8, 9-13 (3 age groups)

Dates: April 5-9, 2021

Hours: 8A – 5A (AM & PM Extended Care available)

Cost: $225.00/Week or $45/Day

Add Lunch Package Add-On: $6.50/Day

Snack twice daily, provided by camper or optional purchase from the Field House Grille with cash.