• March 21 – May 27
  • $16.50/Class  


  • Courts B + C
  • Classes offered on Mondays + Fridays
  • Week of June 13 thru Week of September 2
  • $16.50/Class  

Lil’ Ballers is a child development program that focuses on teaching the fundamentals of basketball to inexperienced players ages 5-10 years old. The program’s eight-week curriculum is designed to teach your child the necessary skills, dedication, teamwork, and passion required to become a Lil’ Baller on and off the court. Our coaches are trained to instill confidence in the players by creating a fun and challenging atmosphere that will prepare them for league play. The program is divided into three different age groups, the Dribblers (5-6 years old), the Dunkers (7-8 years old), and the Three-Pointers (9-12 years old). Each age group has their own unique curriculum that builds upon itself from week to week to achieve their true Lil’ Baller potential.

Program Policies

Refund Policy:

  • Refunds will ONLY be given if a class has been canceled on our end. We will no longer give refunds for missed classes, as make-ups are available.
  • We will also not give refunds if your child does not like the class as free trial classes are available for all classes.
  • This policy includes families on payment plans – we will no longer stop payment plans once your child is committed to their season.

Trial Classes:

  • All first time trial classes are free, and must first be approved by the Youth Development Coordinator
  • Trial classes are dependent on space availability.
  • A Field House waiver must be filled out prior to any trial class, either at our front desk, or through DASH here.

Make-Up Classes:

  • All make-up classes must be scheduled with the Youth Development Coordinator

  • Make-up classes are dependent on space availability.

  • Make-up classes do not carry over between sessions.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Lil’s Youth Development Coordinator, Katrina Williams or our Youth Development Director, Casey McDaniel.

Email: lils@beachfieldhouse.com 

Email: cmcdaniel@beachfieldhouse.com 

Phone: (757) 427-3955