3rd Annual Hope Cup Tournament
The Virginia Beach Field House is proud to announce the 2014 Hope Cup



 2014 HOPE CUP

July 19-20, 2014
Virginia Beach Field House






Registration is NOW OPEN

**Please note the schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the tournament committee.**

Only $45/player, every player will receive a Tournament T Shirt!

All teams guaranteed 3 games!

Divisions : Men’s Open, Coed A, (competitive), Coed B (non-competitive) and Men's Over 30.

All players must be at least 18 years old to register

Teams must be registered by July 14th 2014. Individuals registering after this date will not be guaranteed a tournament Shirt.


Hope Cup Tournament Rules

Questions?  Email the tournament committee at  hopehousesoccer@gmail.com


Please read these instructions to avoid duplicate teams being made.

“Click here to Login or Create your MySam Account for Registration” 

Step 1.  Create your account with your name, or sign into your account.

If you are joining a team or registering as an indivdual:  Select Teams and Leagues, then "Individual", you will then see every sub group that is available for you to register to.  

You may sort the teams at the top of the page using the drop downs to see only your age group or desired division.

If you are the team captain: Select "Tournaments and Cups", and then select the Hope Cup.  At that time you will input the team name, and then will be allowed to invite players to your team from that page.  

**If you are registering for a private team, it will send the team manager a request to join the team, that they must accept or reject prior to you completing your registration.  Once you have been accepted, you will need to log in to your MySam account and complete your registrations and pay for the league at that time.**



2014 Hope Cup:  July 19 – 20th, 2014 


Official Rules


Tournament Organization 

1. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on all matters relative to the tournament and its 

decisions are final. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: 

a. Relocate and/or reschedule a match 

b. Reduce the scheduled duration of a match 

c. Change the division and playoff structure 

d. Cancel a match 

e. Cancel any or all games 

f. Cancel the tournament due to inclement weather or other events beyond the control of the 


g. Rejection or acceptance of any team 

h. Rejection or acceptance of any player 

i. Rename any team 

2. In the event of questions or required clarifications/decisions, the hierarchy is: 

a. Field Marshal (if applicable) 

b. Tournament committee 

c. Tournament director 

3. Under no circumstances whatsoever will the Tournament Committee, Hope House, the Virginia Beach 

Field House, or any official sponsor or other Tournament Official be responsible for any expenses 

(including the tournament entry fee) incurred by any team, including situations where the tournament or 

any game(s) is/are cancelled in whole or in part. 

4. The tournament will be organized into the following divisions: 

a. Co-ed: All players must be 18 or older.  A minimum of 2 female players per roster, with a 

minimum of 1 female player on the field during active play (i.e. - two female players hold 

permanent spots in the 7 players on the field.  If a team only has 1 female, they can continue to 

play but they have to play with 1 less player on the field). If less than the minimum number of 

female players can be fielded (1) at the start of the match, the team shall forfeit the match.  

b. Mens Open: All players 18 or older other than those actively a member of any professional team.   

A “professional” is deemed as someone who is paid to play soccer. 

c. Over Thirty’s Open: All players 30 and older (unless exception by Hope Cup Committee) other 

than those actively a member of any professional team roster. See definition of “professional” 


d. Minimum team rosters are 9.  There is no Maximum number of players for a given team. 

e. Players may not play on more than one team in a division. Should a player be included on teams 

in different divisions, the player and each related team assume the risk of any scheduling 

conflicts that may arise. 

f. All teams must have a minimum of 5 players on the field in order to play.  (e.g.- a COED team can 

have 4 males and 1 female show up and still play) 

5. No protests will be allowed or accepted. 


Tournament Administration 

6. Team registration/acceptance/check-in 

a. The tournament committee reserves the right to accept or reject any team application. 

b. To be considered complete, team/individual player applications must contain the following 

received (as applicable) by the registration deadline of  July 19th 2014 

i. Completion of the tournament application 

ii. Payment of the applicable fee 

iii. For teams, completion of the team roster with names, gender (to validate division) and 

player ages 

iv. For each player, a completed medical release form 

v. For teams, indication whether or not the team will accept any individual players who 

have registered as individuals 

vi. The name of the team captain, who will be considered the point of contact for the team. 

Team captains must be over 18 years old and provide adequate contact information to 

be contacted between 8am and 8pm prior to the week of the tournament and at 

anytime the week of the tournament (in case of emergencies or changes). 

vii. As additional note, the t-shirt deadline and team sign up will cut off on July 14th 2014, 

but if the committee can fill a last second order to make the schedule more agreeable 

the committee will consider late applicants. 

c. No team or individual player shall be considered accepted unless written notification has been 

sent from the Tournament Committee. This may take the form of either e-mail or U.S. Postal 

Service mail. 

d. Once accepted, the application is nonrefundable, except at the discretion of the Tournament 

Committee or as noted below. 

e. Any team wishing to withdraw must do so in writing (email to the contact address is acceptable). 

Teams that withdraw prior to the registration deadline will receive the full amount back less a 

10% processing fee. Teams that withdraw after the deadline will receive a refund of 50%. 

f. Team check-in will be at the Virginia Beach Field House at the Tournament desk. Teams must 

check-in in time to be present for their first match as discussed herein. 

7. It is anticipated that each team will play 3 matches of group play and 1 playoff match. Depending on the 

number of teams that register, there may have to be a different format where two group finalists are 

determined by either group standings or by an elimination round, to be determined by the Tournament 

committee prior to the commencement of the Tournament. 

8. During group play, teams will receive group scoring as follows: 

a. Three points for win 

b. One point for a tie 

c. Zero points for a loss 

d. Team captains or appointed representatives must sign score cards to validate the score 

9. If there is a tie among the group standings, the tie will be broken in the order of the following criteria: 

a. Goal differential to a maximum of three goals per game 

b. Goals against 

c. Overall record (win percentage) 

d. Head to head competition 

e. Goals for 

f. If at this point there is a 3 way tie for the wild cards in the COED league, there will be a coin toss 

to determine who advances 

g. Penalty kicks in the FIFA format  

10. All matches will be played with a size 5 ball. If the tournament provides match balls, those shall be used. If 

not, the home team (listed first in the match schedule) will provide the size 5 match balls. 

11. Teams will be provided team shirts/jerseys by the tournament. In the event of jersey color conflict, teams 

must revert to the jerseys provided by the Fieldhouse. Goalkeepers will wear a shirt that differentiates 

them from their own team, the opposing team, and the referees. 

12. Beverages and food not purchased in the Fieldhouse, smoking, pets and noise makers are prohibited. 



Game/Match Mechanics 

13. Matches are divided into two – 15 minute halves, with a halftime of 5 minutes. 

a. During group play, there is no overtime in the event of a tie at the end of regulation 

b. During elimination rounds and finals, there will be a five minute overtime period (same kick- 

off/goals defended as the game was begun) and if tied at the end of the overtime period, the 

match will proceed to penalty kicks in the FIFA format.  

14. For teams that cannot field the minimum number of players within two minutes after the scheduled 

match time, that team will forfeit the match with a score of zero goals and three for the winning team. 

Teams should be present at the field fifteen minutes ahead of the scheduled start time to allow for 

verification of team rosters/inspection of player equipment as necessary. 

15. Players must remain within designated team areas as applicable, and spectators must remain within any 

designated spectator areas. Any player or spectator who is considered by the referee to interfere with 

play may be ejected from the playing area by the referee. 

16. Decisions of the referee are final and binding with respect to the conduct of the match and the 

interpretation of the match rules, including, but not limited to: 

a. Cautions/Ejections 

b. Official match time – in general, the game clock will run unless there is an injury that in the 

opinion of the referee warrants the addition of time to provide for a full match 

c. Player equipment 

d. Abandonment of the match – If at the discretion of the referee, a match must be abandoned, the 

team or teams causing the abandonment of the match will be considered to forfeit the match – 

forfeit scoring of zero points for the game and score for the forfeiting team to apply 

17. All tournament matches will be played in accordance with the Virginia Beach Field House “Rules for 

Indoor Soccer,” with the following exceptions/additions: 

a. Misconduct will be treated consistent with the FIFA Laws of the Game (Cautions/Yellow Cards 

and Ejections/Red Cards). If a player is ejected, that team will play a player down for the 

remainder of that match and the ejected team member must leave from sight and sound of the 

playing area.  If the ejection results in the team not meeting the minimum number of players (5), 

then the team will be forced to forfeit the match. 

b. There are no time penalties; accordingly, rules in accordance with power play goals and related 

circumstances do not apply 

c. Any player or team member ejected from a match will be barred from playing in that team’s 

subsequent match (even if that subsequent match is an elimination game or final) 

d. Slide tackling is prohibited 

e. For clarity, on penalty kicks, the goalkeeper may move along the goal line (side-to-side), but not 

come off of it until the ball is kicked. 

f. Shin guards must be covered by socks. 

g. Jewelry is prohibited, unless medical in nature and padded/secured in a manner acceptable to 

the referee. 

The Hope House assists individuals with developmental disabilities by helping them live independently. 
For more information on the Hope House Foundation, please visit their website at www.hope-house.org.  

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