Lil Tacklers: Football

Seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Holiday
Price: $150 for 10 weeks

The Virginia Beach Field House and N Zone Performance are proud to announce our newest youth program – Lil’ Tacklers. Together we have created a curriculum that will teach players the fundamentals of football while focusing on agility and proper tackling technique. The classes are structured to focus on specific position groups each week in order to give players a broader overview of the sport. It is our goal to teach players the right way to play the game from both a sportsmanship and safety perspective. By instilling in the players from a young age the appropriate way to make tackles and contact we hope to limit the number of concussions in youth football.

*Jerseys are included for first time players that sign up for the full season.

*Free trial classes may be arranged with the approval of the coordinator.

Fall 2018 Class Schedule

September 10 – December 1, 2018

classes meet once a week on the day/time you choose


Class Name & Age Saturday
Practice Squad (4-5 yrs) 9:00 am
Full Rides (6-7 years) 10:00 am
First Rounders (8-9 yrs)-

Program Policies

Refund Policy:

  • Refunds will ONLY be given if a class has been canceled. We will no longer give refunds for missed classes, as make-ups are available.

Trial Classes:

  1. All first time trial classes are free, and must first be approved by Youth Development Coordinator, Raymond Colston (
  2. Trial classes are dependent on space availability.
  3. A Field House waiver must be filled out prior to any trial class, either at our front desk, or through MaxGalaxy here.

Make-Up Classes:

  1. All make-up classes must be scheduled with Youth Development Coordinator, Raymond Colston (
  2. Make-up classes are dependent on space availability.
  3. Make-up classes do not carry over between sessions.

Private Classes:

  1. Private classes can be formed with approval from Youth Development Coordinator, Raymond Colston.
  2. Classes must consist of a minimum of 3 participants to be formed.

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to reach out to Youth Development Coordinator Raymond Colston


Phone: (757) 427-3955 Work/ (757) 450-0234 cell