2017 Spring Indoor Adult Volleyball (March 13 - May 18)



Are you looking for a competitive or recreational league?

This is very important to maintain the integrity of the leagues. Use the league description below to assist you in your decision.
Open, AA, & A (competitive)

Skilled players that know their way around a court (and have the vertical jump to prove it) 

For players that like to win

B, BB (recreational)

Play for the fun of the game

Play for exercise

Would like to win but winning is not the reason for playing 


How do you sign up? 
Registrations open from February 1 - March 9 ~~ Season will run from March 13 - May 18
Spring Adult Season Registration Dates

Mondays: Coed B/BB & Coed AA/Open: March 13th

(Price Increases on February 27, 2017 @ 12am)

(Registration Deadline March 6, 2017)

Mondays: Coed A: March 20th

(Price Increases on March 6, 2017 @ 12am)

(Registration Deadline March 13, 2017)

Tuesdays: Men's B/BB, Men's A, Men's AA/Open, Women's 4's

(Price Increases on February 28, 2017 @ 12am)

(Registration Deadline March 7, 2017)

Wednesdays: Coed B/BB, Coed A

(Price Increases on March 1, 2017 @ 12am)

(Registration Deadline March 8, 2017)

Thursdays: Women's A & Women's AA/Open

(Price increases on March 2, 2017 @12am)

(Registration Deadline March 9, 2017)




Scroll over “Registration” at the top and choose leagues. 

On the left side of the page, choose your specific sport. Once the sport has been chosen, choose your division (Coed, Men's, Women's)

Click the register button on the right for the league you are looking to register.


If your team is not set up, please select: "Register a Team". This will prompt you to enter the team name, and allow you to set the registration code. In order to register yourself to the team, you will need to choose the register button to the right of the league you registered your team for and follow the directions below for “IF JOINING A TEAM”.


If you are a player registering for a specific team, please select: “Join a Team”. You will need a registration code to join your team. Please contact your captain to obtain your registration code. 


If you are registering as a free agent and looking to be placed on a team, please select: “Register Individual”.

Click on the league to register. A and AA/Open leagues have a minimum age requirement of 16 years. There is no minimum age for B/BB leagues, however, the Virginia Beach Field House reserves the right to remove minors from the league.

Players that register at least 2 weeks before the first game will pay the early registration rate rate of $85. Players that register less than 2 weeks before the first game will pay a registration fee of $95, which must be done by phone or in person. There is also a $10 admin fee that is added to the total registration fee for any 1st time players. This includes individual players and players registering on a private team.