Registration Information- Winter 2018

Registration Information

Season Start: January 2nd.... Season Ends: March 11th
*For teams that play outdoor, we will do our best to get you out before the tournaments and season begins*


League Registration Fees:

  • Early Bird ($90 per person) - now until November 27th (at 12:00am)
  • Regular Registration ($100 per person) - once Early Bird ends until December 11th (at 12:00am)
  • Late Registration ($110 per person) - anytime thereafter 

Team/Individual Registration Deadline:

** If there is a message during registration that states "Does Not Meet Membership Requirements" this is not an age related issue, it means that the $10 administrative fee must be paid on the account for the player who is being registered. Please add the fee to their name then you will be able to proceed.**


A parent or volunteer coach is required for each team. Parent coaches are required for all youth sports, including High School, to ensure player discipline & sportspersonship. These individuals must attend every game. 
The Virginia Beach Field House does not provide coaching. The league is designed as a game only league, and is not an instructional or developmental league. Each team is guarenteed 7 regular season games and one post season/consolation game.
Players may play up in an age group, but players are not permitted to play in a younger age group. Co-ed teams are welcome to play in the boys divisions, they may not play in the girls divisions.
Practices are NOT included as part of the league due to space limitations in our busiest of seasons
Free Agent teams receive team Jerseys as part of their registration due to the director creating their team from scratch

Curious about what age group to join?

Our Current League Year runs from August 2017 thru July 2018. Age Groups should coincide with the 2017-2018 column. Match your date of birth with the appropriate (U) bracket.



 Do you have a team or do you need help finding one?

I am registering a new team for the season: If you are registering a new team and you are the captain, coach, or primary contact please sign up as a "New Team--Team registration". You will create the team and checkout with a $0 balance and will receive a Team Code. Provide this code to the rest of your tem for them to register.

NOTE: If registering your own player as well, then you will have to Re-Register after creating the team to pay your child's league fee. Team Contact registration is to be used ONLY for coaches and captains, not for players.

My team has been registered and I need to join that private team: You will register under "Join a previously existing team". Under the Team Information heading, insert the team code that was generated by the creator of the team. This is how all player's parents will register for the appropriate team.

I am an individual. I need help finding a team: Please register as an "Individual--Free Agent". The Sport Director will compile these players and attempt to place them on a structured team. If they cannot be placed, they will then look to create a team out of individual - free agents and utilize a volunteer coach. There is no guarantee that individual - free agents will be placed.


If you are interested in registering contact Dwayne James:

 Individual youth’s that wish to play on the same team, but are not registering on a previously created private team can do so by sending an email to the Sport Director, Dwayne James, requesting to be placed together. If 4 or more players wish to play together, please create and register a new private team and email the Sport Director requesting assistance filling the roster. The Virginia Beach Field House does not provide coaches for teams.