League and Schedule Information- Winter Soccer 2018

League Information

Season Start: January 2nd.... Season Ends: March 11th
*For teams that play outdoor, we will do our best to get you out before the tournaments and season begins*


League Registration Fees:

  • Early Bird ($90 per person) - now until November 28th (at 12:00am)
  • Regular Registration ($100 per person) - once Early Bird ends until December 12th (at 12:00am)
  • Late Registration ($110 per person) - anytime thereafter 

Team/Individual Registration Deadline:

  • December 15th at 12:00am

4 Available Divisions per age group:

  • Recreational
  • Advanced (Absolutely NO Travel Players Allowed)
  • Competitive D2 (lower level Travel players and others looking to challenge themselves
  • Competitive D1 (Elite Travel Players; our most competitive division)

                    **Players are allowed to play up a division, but CANNOT play down.**

Games are primarily played Saturday's and Sunday's. Weekdays will be used as spillover days in order to accommodate teams.
Games start as early as 6:55am and run as late as 11:30pm (weekend games) and 4:55pm (week day games)
Guest Players are PROHIBITED. If a team is found using a guest player (illegal player), competing in the wrong division or using players will skill levels not permitted in that division, the game will be forfeited. We will look to move that team to a different division or move the player to a different team.

We reserve the right to combine age/gender divisions if needed in order to run a league. 
All schedules are subject to change. Please DO NOT print the schedule. Please refer to the online schedule for the most up to date schedule.
We reserve the right to move teams to a division that is more appropriately suited to their skill level. Leagues will be analyzed and decisions will be made after the first 2 weeks of gameplay about moving teams up or down a skill/age division. Teams competing at the top skill in their age will not be forced to move up ages, per the directors discretion.


Schedule Information

Deadline for Schedule Requests:

  • December 19th at 12:00AM
  • Teams can only request a maximum of 2 weekends off
  • Requests can be entered at time of team registration
    • If request are not known at time of team registration, please email them to the director no later than the above deadline.

Team Declarations are due by the above time as well, either emailed to the director or handed in person
Scheduling will be conducted from the 20th until approximately the 26th. Please do not email or call about the schedule and issues until an email has been sent noting that all schedules are finalized and open for review. The director will do his best to accommodate all requests but cannot promise that all will be met.
Field Marshals will continue to check in each game BY player; coaches will not be allowed to do the check in with the Field Marshal
Playoff dates will be determined at the same time schedules are being made for each division. Schedules are always subject to change but prior notice will be given. If mid season adjustments are needed, please let the director know ahead of time. Attempts will be made to manuever games, but it is not guaranteed.

Indoor Soccer Rules



For questions or more information please contact Dwayne James.