2017 Summer Adult Soccer

Summer Adult Soccer
(Must be 18+ to play in the adult league)

Teams must be registered no later than 2 weeks before the season starts with at least 4 people PAID IN FULL at least a week before the season begins.
(I will not add your team to the schedule if there are not 4 people paid in full)




We are using a new system called Max Galaxy, EVERYONE will need to create a new account with us in the new system even if you were in our old system. 
Here is the link to create a new Max Galaxy account:

Max Galaxy Create Account / Login



Leagues start the week of May 22nd!


Men's D1   Monday
Men's D2   Monday
Men's D3   Monday
Co-ed D1   Tuesday
Co-ed D2   Tuesday
Co-ed D3 Advanced   Tuesday
Men's Over 30 D1   Tuesday
Men's Over 30 D2   Tuesday
Co-ed D3 Advanced   Wednesday
Co-ed D3   Wednesday
* Co-ed D4   Wednesday
* True Rec Wednesday
* Men's Over 50   Thursday
Co-ed D2   Thursday
Co-ed D3   Thursday
Co-ed Over 30   Thursday
* True Rec   Thursday


Explanation of Divisions:

-- Division 1 (D1) - Highest Level of Play (College level and experienced players)
-- Division 2 (D2) - A step down from D1 (Experienced players)
-- Division 3 Advanced (D3 Adv.) - Teams that have great chemistry but may have less experienced players
-- Division 3 (D3) - Lower level of play (Typically older or less experienced players)
-- Division 4 (D4) - Recreational (Lowest co-ed division)
-- True Rec - Players who are simply coming out to play and have fun (no playoffs, please see description below)
-- Coed Over 30 - Recreational league for players over 30 years old (females can be 25)
-- Men's Over 30 D1 - Over 30 players who are more experienced
-- Men's Over 30 D2 - Over 30 players who are little less experienced

-- Men's Over 50 - Players who are over the age of 50
-- After Hours League - Skill level range from D2-D3 and games start at 11:15 pm.


* There are no D1 or D2 players allowed to play in D4, if I found out there were any playing that team will have to forfeit that specific game.


** The Recreational League is a true recreational soccer league. There will be no playoffs, the games will run for 8 weeks (with an official) and each team will receive one pitcher of beer per week included in the registration costs. This league is supposed to be a fun, less-competitive enviornment for those that truly only come here to enjoy the social aspect of  the league. This league is a flat $95 rate per person, there is no early or late discount. **


 League Information

soccer virginia beach field house 8 game seasons -- 7 regular season games and 1 post-season game
soccer virginia beach field house $85 per player if paid at least 2 weeks prior to the first game
soccer virginia beach field house Guest players are allowed in adult soccer leagues during the regular season only - $15 per game.
soccer virginia beach field house Players can sign up with a private team or as an individual
soccer virginia beach field house Minimum roster is 9 players, no maximum number of players 
soccer virginia beach field house All league games are 7 vs 7 (including goal keeper) 
soccer virginia beach field house No metal or screw in spikes - solid cleats, indoor soccer shoes, or sneakers preferred
soccer virginia beach field house Shin guards are required
Home team must provide their own white shirts
Away team must provide their own dark shirts
We encourage teams to provide their own jerseys!
(if teams show up with similar color jerseys which are difficult for the refs to distinguish, the home team is expected to change or wear pinnies. Everyone must provide their own jerseys except for youth rec soccer -- we will provide jerseys)

Team captains/coaches must register themselves and their team information no later than 2 weeks prior to the first game to guarantee a spot in the league. Late team registrations will be considered and are at the sole discretion of the Sports Director, depending on field availability and league size.


Registration Date


Registration Fee

Admin Fee**

Early Bird

March 28th -
May 8th


+ $10

Normal Fee

May 9th


+ $10