Winter 2019 Youth Soccer

Price: $70-110
Seasons: Winter

League Information

Boys/Coed Schedule

Girls Schedule



  • 7 game season starting the week of January 5, 2019.
    • The top 4 teams in each division will make playoffs, all other remaining teams will receive a consolation game.
  • Team and individual registrations are available.
  • Guest players are NOT allowed in Youth Soccer.
  •  Players can sign up with a private team or as an individual.
  •  Minimum roster is 9 players, no maximum number of players.
  •  U6-U8 divisions are 5v5, all other divisions are 7 vs 7 (including goal keeper).
  •  No metal or screw in spikes – solid cleats, indoor soccer shoes, or sneakers preferred.
  •  Shin guards are required.
  • Game schedules will be created the week before the league starts.
  • Most games will be played on the weekend but there will be games scheduled during weeknights
  • Prices: ** You will not see the discounts applied until you get to the checkout screen ** ** NEW – MULTI-SIBLING DISCOUNT! 20% OFF IF YOU REGISTER 2 OR MORE OF YOUR CHILDREN FOR THE WINTER LEAGUE **
    • September 2018: $70
    • October 2018: $80
    • November 2018: $90
    • December 1-19, 2018: $100
    • After December 28: $110
    • All Players must have a valid Administrative Fee on their account ($10)
For questions, please contact Angel Horowitz at

Season Information

  • Registration Period
    • Registration is open from September 1 to December 28
    • Registration is now OPEN online using your DASH account
      • Click HERE to register for Winter Youth Soccer Boys’ Divisions
      • Click HERE to register for Winter Youth Soccer Girls’ Divisions
  • Game Schedules
    • Games will be scheduled any day of the week. We will do our best to not schedule games extremely early or extremely late, but here are the time parameters we will be working with:
      • Monday-Friday from 4:50PM-10:00PM (younger divisions will not play late at night).
      • Saturdays as early as 6:50AM-11:30PM (younger divisions will not play late at night).
      • Sundays as early as 6:50AM-9:30PM (younger divisions will not play late at night).
  • Schedule Requests
    • All team requests MUST be in by Wednesday, December 12. No exceptions.
    • Teams are only allowed up to 2 schedule requests
    • VBFH will make sure that at 5 of the games follow given requests.
      • Acceptable requests:
        • “Need ____ weekend off for a tournament”
        • “Cannot play on ____ day of the week”
      • Unacceptable requests:
        • “Can only play on Sundays from 12-3PM”
        • “Cannot play on Saturdays and Sundays from “1-7PM”
    • Once the schedule is finalized, there will be no changes made.

Division Information

Competitive Division 1 (Outdoor teams that play in VSLI D1 and CCL)
U9 – U18

Competitive Division 2  (Outdoor teams that play in VSLI D2 & D3)
U9 – U18

Advanced (Outdoor teams that play in TASL) 

Recreation (Outdoor teams that are non-travel, true recreational teams)


We follow the outdoor league guidelines for age brackets. Here is the link to the age matrix for anyone that is unsure of what division their child should be registering for.


**Girls are allowed to play in the boys divisions, but boys are NOT allowed to play in the girls divisions**