Winter 2019 Youth Soccer

Price: $70-110
Seasons: Winter

League Information

  • 7 game season starting the week of January 5, 2019.
    • The top 4 teams in each division will make playoffs, all other remaining teams will receive a consolation game.
  • Team and individual registrations are available.
  • Guest players are NOT allowed in Youth Soccer.
  •  Players can sign up with a private team or as an individual.
  •  Minimum roster is 9 players, no maximum number of players.
  •  All league games are 7 vs 7 (including goal keeper).
  •  No metal or screw in spikes – solid cleats, indoor soccer shoes, or sneakers preferred.
  •  Shin guards are required.
  • Game schedules will be created the week before the league starts.
  • Most games will be played on the weekend but there will be games scheduled during weeknights
  • Prices:
    • September 2018: $70
    • October 2018: $80
    • November 2018: $90
    • December 1-19, 2018: $100
    • After December 28: $110
    • All Players must have a valid Administrative Fee on their account ($10)
For questions, please contact Angel Horowitz at

Season Information

  • Registration Period
    • Registration is open from September 1 to December 28
    • Registration is now OPEN online using your DASH account
      • Click HERE to register for Winter Youth Soccer Boys’ Divisions
      • Click HERE to register for Winter Youth Soccer Girls’ Divisions
  • Schedule Requests
    • All team requests MUST be in by Wednesday, December 12. No exceptions.
    • Teams are only allowed up to 2 schedule requests
    • VBFH will make sure that at 5 of the games follow given requests.
      • Acceptable requests:
        • “Need ____ weekend off for a tournament”
        • “Cannot play on ____ day of the week”
      • Unacceptable requests:
        • “Can only play on Sundays from 12-3PM”
        • “Cannot play on Saturdays and Sundays from “1-7PM”
    • Once the schedule is finalized, there will be no changes made.

Division Information

Advanced / Competitive Boys U9 – U18

Advanced / Competitive Girls U9 – U18

Rec Boys U6-U18

Rec Girls U6-U18

**Girls are allowed to play in the boys divisions, but boys are NOT allowed to play in the girls divisions**