League Night Childcare

Virginia Beach Field House
2020 Landstown Centre Way
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

League Night Childcare


Registration paperwork required! Download it here.

Detail information below:


Dear Parents,



Thank you for registering your child for League Night Childcare.  We want to inform you of a few things before your game this week.


  1. Please fill out a League Night Childcare registration form (linked under “additional information”).  This registration form will prepare the staff for any special situations or needs that your child may have.  It also gives us emergency contact information.
  2. You will need to sign your child in and out of League Night Childcare.  We ask that you put your phone number and court or field number on the sign in sheet upon drop off. We will need you to show ID when picking up your child. We want to provide a safe environment for your children and need to be able to verify you belong to your child.  
  3. The children will be in the Red Room and in the Funzone for the majority of the night.  They will be playing board games, doing crafts, and other games in the room and in the Funzone.  If there is field space available, they may be on a small field (upstairs within view of the Red Room)
  4. Please have your children leave their electronic devices at home.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  5. Dinner and snacks are not provided, however, you may bring snacks or purchase snacks or a meal from the Field House Grille prior to drop off.
  6. League Night Childcare staff is not authorized to administer medication.  In case of emergencies, we will call you first, then your emergency contact. The Field House staff will do their best to locate you in this case.
  7. We ask that your child is fully potty trained. If your child has an accident, we will have a Field House staff locate you to help clean them up.
  8. You are not permitted to leave the Field House during League Night Childcare.  League Night Childcare is available to you during your games and warm ups.   

We are looking forward to providing League Night Childcare to you!  If you need more information or have questions, please let us know!




Millie Holmes
Camp and Clinic Coordinator
School Year Program Director
2020 Landstown Centre Way
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
757-427-3955 ext 1024