Smithsonian Soccer Academy Winter Training Program

Price: $192 (Early Bird Pricing)
Seasons: January 7th to February 27th
Smithsonian Soccer Academy and the Virginia Beach Field House have teamed up to provide the most comprehensive Winter soccer training program in the Hampton Roads region.


This Winter soccer training program is open to all players from any club. We provide age-appropriate training for 6-8 year old players as well as intensive skills based training for 9-18 year olds. Our program is a great value and includes as many as 16 training sessions run by professional coaches.


The 2019 Smithsonian Winter Soccer Academy features a stations based format which utilizes small-sided games, intensive technical training, cognitive soccer exercises, and fitness training. We believe that great players are developed in a game like environment where they learn the technical skills, tactical insight, cognitive decision-making skills, and athleticism required to play at the highest levels.


Smithsonian Soccer Academy’s Winter Training Program will begin January 7 and will take place on every Monday and Wednesday from 6PM-7:30PM until February 27th. 


For Additional Information: Contact Kevin Smith at:
(757)-577-2351 or