2019 Adult Volleyball

Monday – Thursday // 7:20pm – 10:20pm (game start times)


  • $85 early registration fee + $10 admin fee (Price is active from February 8 – February 24th)
  • $95 regular registration fee + $10 admin fee (Price is active from Feb 25th – March 4th)
  • $100 late registration fee + $10 admin fee (Price goes into effect on March 5th)
  • 14 Regular season games + postseason. The number of teams eligible for playoffs will be determined by the amount of teams in each division. (Not every team will make playoffs starting Winter 19′ season)
  • 1st Tie Breaker is head to head match-up. 2nd Tie Breaker is points allowed
  • Players may register as a free agent or to a private team
  • Minimum roster is 6 players, there is no max
  • Rosters must be finalized by game 4 of each season
  • Sub players are allowed for adult leagues only. $15 fee per team, per night
  • Only 3 sub fees will be used towards your total registration fee. Any additional sub fees paid will not count towards the total registration fee
  • Schedules will be posted online. Please do not print the schedule as it is subject to change
  • In the event of an ejection, players will be suspended for a minimum of 1 week forcing them to miss the following game.
  • Teams must be registered 7 days prior to the start of the season and must have 3 paid players in order to be added to the schedule
  • Any free agents wishing to play together must email the director, La’Quan Bailey at lbailey@beachfieldhouse.com

Season Information


Coed B/BB Mon: 7/8 – 8/26

Coed A Mon: 7/15 – 8/26 (Will need 1 flex day)

Men’s A & AA/Open: 6/25 – 8/13

Coed B/BB Wed & Coed A Wed: 6/26 – 8/14

Women’s A & AA/Open: 6/27 – 8/15


Division Information

Are you looking for a competitive or recreational league?

This is very important to maintain the integrity of the leagues. Use the league description below to assist you in your decision.

A & AA/Open (competitive)
Skilled players that know their way around a court (and have the vertical jump to prove it)
For players that like to win

B/BB (recreational)
Play for exercise and the fun of the game
Would like to win but winning is not the reason for playing

Winter Registration Dates

Mondays: Coed B/BB, A, & AA/Open: March 11, 2019
(Registration Deadline March 4, 2019)

Tuesdays: Men’s A & AA/Open: March 5, 2019
(Registration Deadline February 26, 2019)

Wednesdays: Coed B/BB & A: March 6, 2019
(Registration Deadline February 27, 2019)

Thursdays: Women’s A & AA/Open: March 7, 2019
(Registration Deadline February 28, 2018)

League Policies

A and AA/Open leagues have a minimum age requirement of 16 years. There is no minimum age for B/BB leagues, however, the Virginia Beach Field House reserves the right to remove minors from the league.