2019 Adult Soccer

Monday – Thursday & Sunday // 6:40 PM – 11:00 PM

$850 Team Fee 


    • $850 Team Fee, $100 deposit 
    • You’ll pay a $100 deposit when you register the team for the season.
    • Your team will determine what each player will pay toward the team fee – Please add that to your team notes during registration, so we know what to charge.
    • Each player can be invoiced for that amount, or you can pay in full.
    • You may also choose to have your team sponsored by a business or employer. If this is the route you choose, great! Please acquire your funding prior to registration.
    • Since we’ll be eliminating sub fees, player and team payments will need to be in full at the beginning of the season. We do have the ability to establish a split payment plan with a saved credit card.
    • Any payments above the team fee can be applied to the next season or refunded.
    • Should you need a sub for a game or to replace an injured player for the remainder of the season, as long as they are eligible, that player can play with no further charge.

Season Information 

FALL 1 SEASON – Registration Dates: July 15-August 5. Game Dates: August 12-September 29.
FALL 2 SEASON- Registration Dates: August 26- September 23. Game Dates: September 30-November 17.
HOLIDAY SEASON – Registration Dates: October 14-November 11. Game Dates: November 18-January 5, 2020. 

Division Information

Monday Nights 
Men’s 1
Men’s 2
Men’s 3
Men’s 4

Tuesday Nights 
Coed 1
Coed 2
Coed 3
Coed 4
Coed True Rec Social (Individual Registration)
Coed Social League** Social League (No playoffs, pitcher of beer for the team included each week, all individual registrations to meet new people! Individual registration fee is $100.)
Men’s Over 30
Men’s 6v6


Wednesday Nights 
Coed 2
Coed 3
Coed 4
Coed 5
Coed 6
Coed 7

Thursday Nights
Coed 3
Coed 4
Coed 5
Coed 6
Coed 7
Coed True Rec (Beginners)

Friday Nights
Coed Over 30**
** Beings JUNE 21st! (Condensed, 6-week season) For more Information, please visit our website or feel free to call the front desk for any questions

Sunday Afternoon/Wednesday Night
** Walking Soccer (Small Fields 5v5) – $50 Fee (Begins July 21st)

Registration Information

Team captains/coaches must register themselves and their team information no later than 2 weeks prior to the first game to guarantee a spot in the league. Late team registrations will be considered and are at the sole discretion of the Sports Director, depending on field availability and league size.

League Policies

  • 8 game seasons — 7 regular season games and 1 post-season game
  • Guest players are allowed in ADULT soccer leagues during the regular season only. The charge is $15 per game.
  • Players can sign up with a private team or as an individual
  • Minimum roster is 9 players, no maximum number of players
  • All league games are 7 vs 7 (including goal keeper)
  • No metal or screw in spikes – solid cleats, indoor soccer shoes, or sneakers preferred
  • Shin guards are required