2018 Best of the 757 – Football Combine

Price: $50-100
Time: Combine - Saturday, Prep Sessions - Wednesdays and Fridays

Pride. Respect. Tradition. By offering sporting combines and skills showcases in sports such as baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse and more, the Virginia Beach Field House and “Best of Our Town, USA” provides your community’s athletes the exposure needed to gain opportunities in collegiate athletics and possibly beyond. The event series is also a chance to highlight the pride and traditions of your community — bragging rights are on the line!

Our model is not only a powerful means for talented athletes to showcase their skills against other contenders in their area, but it’s also about giving feedback to these young athletes that will allow them to continue to improve and grow well beyond the day of the combine. “Although there are other types of combines, camps and showcases targeting high school athletes, the Best of Our Town, USA has developed a highly unique concept and platform that combines athletic testing, coaching, skill competitions and cutting edge technology,” said John Cunningham, Co-Founder of the Best of the 757, USA.


Event Prices:

  • $50 Team Fee – Pay for 10 players at once
  • $80 – Early Fee (Until April 30th) – Includes 2 free combine prep training sessions per week (4 total)
  • $90 – Normal Fee (Starting May 1st) – Includes 2 free combine prep training sessions per week (4 total)
  • $100 – Late Fee (Starting May 14th) – Includes 2 combine prep training sessions (2 total)

** (Price also includes a performance shirt, lunch and videos taken during performance tests to send to college coaches that are unable to attend).


Combine Prep Sessions:
(Wednesdays and Fridays from 6:30-7:30, starting May 9th)

The prep training sessions are an essential part of the success for an athlete at a combine, especially for those that have never attended one before. Our coaches will mentally and physically prepare you for what to expect the day of a college combine. This is extremely beneficial for the younger athletes that may be a little nervous performing at a combine against older players. Our program is designed to build their confidence and allow them to get out the nervous jitters before competing the day of the event.


Click Here to Register for the Event
(If you’re registering a team you need to contact Angel Horowitz: ahorowitz@beachfieldhouse.com)