Adult Memberships

This is an explanation of what is included with the adult membership, but please keep in mind it is not only limited to the items below. There are times we may give priority registration to members, additional discounts, etc. We appreciate your continued support and are always looking for new ways to improve the facility and our programs.

Cost: $95 per adult (per year)

Administrative Fee: You will no longer have to pay the $10 yearly admin fee (for yourself)

Free Dri-Fit Shirt: 

  • We will provide you with 1 free dri-fit shirt (any size you’d like) 
  • Shirts will be available the first week of January 2018

League Registration Discounts:

  • You will automatically receive $10 off every league registration (for yourself)
  • $10 will be taken off the fee in place at the time of registration
    • Ex: If the early registration fee ($90) is still active, you will only pay $80 
    • Ex: If the regular registration fee ($100) is active, you will only pay $90 
  • Sub Fees - You will automatically receive $5 off every sub fee purchased (for yourself)
    • Ex: Sub fees cost $15, members pay $10

Free Pre-Registered League Night Childcare:

  • You will have the option to drop your children off with one of our staff members while you play in your league game (starting first week of January 2018)
  • We will need to see proof that you are registered to the team, or are subbing, and that your game is on the schedule for the night
  • Child will need to be registered at least 5 days in advance
  • Must be potty trained to be eligible for the childcare

50% off Gym Membership:

  •  You will have the option to purchase a gym membership at half price
  • Members will have the option to purchase a 6 month or 1 year gym membership
  • Gym memberships are $15 / month, members will pay $7.50 / month

Free Member Days

  • We will have at least 1 day per quarter planned for our members. This can be inclusive of the following:
    • Free pick-up for the different sports
    • Free holiday activities
    • Free Family Fun Days that are only for members

Free Pre-Scheduled Lunch Time Pick-up:

  • We will offer free lunch time pick-up twice a week for the entire year (excluding summer)
  • These will typically run from 12PM-2PM
  • We will create a monthly schedule that outlines the weekdays we are offering pick-up starting the first week of January 2018
  • From June-August we will offer sunrise pick-up instead of lunch time pick-up ▪ 7AM-9AM

Welcome Bag:

  • Members will receive a welcome bag when they purchase the membership. This is inclusive of the following:
    • 10% off birthday party coupon
    • 1 free drop-in coupon
    • 1 free fun zone coupon

Cost: $95 per adult (per year)