Women's Flag Football

1) Do you have a team or do you need help finding one?

  • I am the captain of a private team: If you are registering a new team and you are the captain, coach, or primary contact please sign up as a "New Team--Team captain registration". You will pay for your registration only and your teammates will sign up under "With a team--joining a private team".
  • My captain has registered and I need to join that private team: You will register under "With a team--joining a private team". Under the Team Information heading, use the drop down menu to find and highlight the team you are joining. You will pay for your registration at that time. 
  • I am an individual. I need help finding a team: Please register as an "Individual--Need help finding a team". The League Director will compile these players and place them on a structured team. 

Captains looking for players and players looking for teams can visit the Virginia Beach Field House blogsite to find each other. You may also contact the Sports Director for assistance (jsherman@beachfieldhouse.com).

2) Where do you sign up?  We are currently accepting registrations for the Fall 2010 Season ~~ September 7 - October 24.
Below are the links to your next Flag Football League:

Women’s Flag Football -- Saturday (6:00pm-11:10pm)

Players that register at least 2 weeks before the first game will pay the regular league rate of $85. Players that register less than 2 weeks before the first game will pay a registration fee of $95, which must be done by phone or in person. This includes individual players and players registering on a private team.

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